Saturday, 25 February 2012

Finally, Saturday

A delicious bowl of chicken soup for my 3rd cold since working with kids again.
A washi tape workshop (is it possible to have a washi tape addiction?)
A cold frosty morning earlier this week (not so many of these now, temps are thankfully rising)
I'll be making something nice from this lovely blog this weekend.
I'm loving Lillyhammer, as an immigrant in Norway this show really hits the spot! genius!
Have a great weekend folks!


  1. I'm a washi tape-addict too!
    While i already have close to 20 tapes at home, there are 8 new ones ready to order in my Etsy-card :))
    I just can't resist all the beautiful designs!!

  2. Lovely. I love the green tape :)

  3. We just watched the first two episodes online. We thought that there are perhaps no two other people in all of Norway who will appreciate Lilyhammer on as many levels as we do: Americans, recently moved to Norway, live in Lillehammer, but have been here long enough we get the cultural references (like the Karius and Baktus picture hanging above his bed in the first episode).

  4. The chicken soup looks ace, I am craving it right now!

  5. Did you learn to make the washi tape? If you did we would love to know how!

  6. Emily- I keep thinking of you guys when I'm watching it (and I also keep thinking that sometimes it would be helpful if I could solve some of our Norway problems in the same style as Johnny!)