Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This week

It's been a pretty dull week, Henrik was sick (I'm bringing all the barnehage germs home for him, I'm generous like that) and I fell on the ice (twice in 2 minutes) on our downhill,icerink style driveway and totally screwed up my back,shoulder,neck and oddly enough, the soles of my feet!!
Falling over at 38 years old is so much more painful than falling over when you are 5!
We have both been feeling sorry for ourselves so can't wait to get to Berlin this weekend after such a crappy,boring week.


  1. It looks comfy rolled up in bed with a MacBook.
    I MUST go to Berlin soon, have a nice weekend in this wonderfull city!

  2. Sorry you've had a crappy week and fallen on ice - I'm comparing that to falling on marble, which I know hurts a lot! But a weekend in Berlin to look forward to! Enjoy.

  3. oh no, hope the aches and pains don't last and you get to enjoy berlin. spring is coming soon. i promise! x

  4. your photos don't show it (crappy & Boring). they're really nice.

  5. sounds great. I can't wait to go... some day.