Saturday, 22 June 2013

We spend the weekend relaxing at the cottage and the week being stressed about finding a house.
The house buying process here is horrrrrrrrrrrid!
You view the house when it's open for an hour with everyone else who is interested it. If you like it the bidding starts at 12 the next day and usually ends 5 hours later. You can text your bids and then you receive texts showing the bidding going up.  I thought bidding for a dress on E-bay was stressful......
God help us!!!!

Monday, 10 June 2013


Summer is in full force and we are making the most of the cottage at every opportunity. Summer in Norway is fab. Life slows down, (and in July the country closes down!) the nights are super light (and I often go to bed with daylight outside which is still weird to me) norwegian strawberries are eaten (best strawberries ever) and best of all we swim. A lot, at every opportunity. There is something about a long cold winter that makes you desperate for summer and makes you terrified about missing a single minute of it!
p.s Pic of Henrik was taken at 11.40pm as he beavered away til midnight with cottage jobs (another downfall to the long winter is that you spend a huge chunk of summer fixing things that the winter fucked up!)