Thursday, 27 December 2012

We are back from England and enjoying the gorgeous weather,fresh snow,long walks and trying to detox after all the crap eaten over the last few days :)
I love these lazy days between christmas and new year.....

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Have a good one everybody! See you on the other side :)

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hello December!

When we woke up this morning the thermometer outside our bedroom window read -17c at 7am so we got up early,bundled up and got out in the cold sunshine. Days like this have to be taken advantage of so we headed off to the christmas market at the Norskfolkmuseum and did what we normally do at this kind of thing-eat and drink!
After 2 hours the cold got the best of us (well of my bottom half anyway, that daddy of a jacket is keeping the top half very warm and toasty!) and we headed home to an afternoon of Homeland, Mad men, roast dinner and gløgg.