Thursday, 28 June 2012

This week

Off to England tomorrow for 5 days to see my mum and get a much needed english language injection! (and fish n chips, marks and spencer, muji,Gap,paperchase,rain & good sausages)
My mother tongue is shot to shit. My sentences are a bizarre mixture of english/norwegian/swedish (I work with a swede and watch a lot of Swedish TV so it's sneaking in there...) I will start speaking in one language and finish in another and I'm forgetting english words by the bucketfull. It's quite scary.
Schools out here for summer and I have 7 more days at work. Norway is about to close down for July.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

At home

I'm off work sick with gastroenteritis and right now the loo is my best friend (too much info, maybe?)
The sky is blue and it's really warm so I'm a little pissed off to be stuck inside on a lovely summers day (seeing as they are few and far between!)
I'm using my time to research places to visit during our summer holiday in Denmark. We have rented a little farmhouse for a week and plan to travel all over the country before driving down to Copenhagen for a few days, followed by driving back to Norway along the west coast of Sweden,
stopping off wherever we fancy along the way. We are using the wonderful airbnb for all our accommodation (I'm obsessed with finding places to stay on that site!)
p.s that little bird flew in yesterday and let me pick him up and put him back outside. He's been feeding from the window bird feeder all winter so I think he felt comfortable having seen me through the window for so long!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Up in the roof

I love our little bedroom up in the roof of the cottage. It gets so warm in there so it makes the perfect place to warm up after a swim in the fjord. It smells of wood and sap and it's my favourite place to lie and read for hours followed by a little nap....

Saturday, 16 June 2012

My Saturday

The weather can't seem to make it's mind up today. Pissing down one minute, sunny the next. It's too crap to be at the cottage so we are home doing very little,which is nice. I've watched 9 episodes of the brilliant,wonderful,fabulous show Girls and I suggest if you have a few spare hours you should watch it too. Love,love,love it!
I've been snacking on waffles with nutella and ants on a log. Catching up on my magazines (Swedish ones that I can now understand!) and lounging in my pj's. If the rain stops we will head into Oslo and buy the lights I've been after in Granit for some time. Happy weekend folks!
p.s I met this little dog at the hairdresser, he shivers constantly and his name is Dime (like the chocolate bar!)

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Cottage days (2)

We fished over 60 star fish out of the Oslo fjord, they were so cute. I've seen them being eaten on a pizza but I'm not up for eating those cute little things so instead we filled out bellies with way too much crap. Burgers, hot dogs, smores, crisps and sweets. ugh. Healthy eating from now on, me thinks!
(p.s Top picture taken at 11.30pm! These light nights are insane,but fantastic)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cottage days

Just had a couple of great days at the cottage with my best friend who is visiting from England with her kids. Perfect weather, swimming, good food, even better company.
It's hard to be away from friends, especially ones you can be 100% yourself with. I miss Elise so much, but these past few days catching up have been just what I needed. Norwegian summer did us proud (even though the almost constant daylight confused the hell out of Elise!)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello June

Some left over photo's from Sweden which I just rescued from the trash on Henrik's laptop (naughty,naughty man for throwing them out in the first place!)
Do you know I have been sharing his laptop for 6 months now? We are both only children so neither of us are that keen on sharing but since my computer died it's what we've been doing. At first I hated not having my own but between the i-pad,i-phone and mac book we are coping! I need to treat myself soon to a lovely shiny new mac (although I do feel the quality of the mac has gone down in recent years and they seem to have a much shorter life. Or maybe I just treat them badly!)