Sunday, 24 February 2013

A cinnamon celebration

We were offered a very nice mortgage on Friday which I am super proud of as we have saved like demons in the last year so we celebrated not with champagne but with cinnamon buns!
It's the one thing that we've applied for in Norway that's actually gone in our favour without a  fight. Now we just need to find our dream house (we found it already but it was just outside our budget and the bidding just keeps on going up and up)  I'm no longer allowed to buy expensive Marimekko cups and probably won't be able to for the next ten years!
Temperatures are slowly rising around here and the days becoming longer which is muuuuuuuuch needed. This winter has made me extra tired and I am no longer able to stay up later than 10.30pm during the week so I am really looking forward to those light summer evenings where you forget it's so late and end up rolling into bed at 1am. Ah, summer, I'm ready for you....

Monday, 18 February 2013

I just came home from work and inhaled a few cinnamon buns which my workmate Johanna made for me. We made a bet last time England and Sweden played football (back in June?) that the loser had to bake something from their country for the winner and Sweden lost so (better late than never) today I recieved a lovely bag of sugary,cinnamony Swedish goodness.Yum.
In other news,it's still snowing heavily here, we fell in love with a house at the weekend and a huge moose (at least 7ft) walked past our living room window and I almost shit myself at the sheer size of that beast :)

Monday, 11 February 2013

We are house hunting at the moment which is taking up most of our time at the weekend (and depressing me slightly that we can't get exactly what we want in the right place!)
We have found lots of great houses in not so great locations and lots of great locations with not so great houses. We are willing to move further away from Oslo but not so far that Henrik can't travel in for work every day, and it can't be too high up as driving up hill in deep snow scares the shit out of me (I think I'd really benefit from a winter driving course as my technique is not really working for me at the moment!!) I'd also live to live somewhere where wolves have not been spotted in the area ;)