Sunday, 26 May 2013

I've been without my car all week after wearing out my break pads. I took the car to the garage last Tuesday and it will be ready to pick up next Tuesday. That's how they roll here in Norway. They take their sweet friggin' time and it irritates the shit out of me. I used to drop off my car in London before work,get a service and the break pads changed, pick it up after work and hand over approx 170 pounds yet here I get to wait 7 days and hand over 1100 pounds for the same job.
Our cottage makes shit like this bearable-only just!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Ahhhhhh, May. My birthday month and that lovely month in Norway with so many holidays that you are hardly at work. Bliss. It's also the month that summer decided to make an (better late than never) appearance here.
We took off to Brussels for 4 days for my 40th which was fantastic. We dined on mussels, pomme frite dipped in mayonaise and chugged waaaaaaay too much delicious Kriek beer. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to my thirties :)
We opened up the cottage, gave it a good old clean and enjoyed a 4 day weekend where temps reached 27c. There was much lounging,napping,reading,relaxing,planting,an attempted swim(still too cold) and bbq's.
I love Norway during the summer when winter seems ages away and the days are long and light (and I can forget that we had snow on the ground 5 weeks ago!) Bring it on, summer :)