Sunday, 23 October 2011


My best friend has been here for a few days and as usual it has been soooooo nice to see her! My life in Norway would be just right if I could only convince her to move here.....
We are now in Gøteborg for a few days of better shopping, better food and friendly Swedes!
(My blogging is non existent at the moment due to a terrible internet connection which we are trying to change but if you are familiar with a norwegian working day you'll know that it's pretty hard to get anything done in a country where they don't like to work more than six hours a day!)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Autumn nights

Saturday, 8 October 2011

The weekend, finally

My two weeks at the barnehage are now over and I'll just be going on Thurs & Fri from now until christmas. Back to the norskkurs on Monday for a well earned rest! I have spoken sooooo much norwegian for the last 2 weeks but I still get to a point where I hit a wall and have to revert to english. Will I ever get over the wall? It also suddenly hit me this week that this is my life now. A norwegian life. It's hard to be yourself when speaking a new language and I feel that when I speak norwegian I lose some of my personality. It's not really me. I can't crack jokes or express myself the way I can in english and it is sooooo frustrating! I was also told this week that when I speak my accent sounds a bit danish, and considering I cannot understand danish at all I found this rather odd!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hello October

How on earth is it October already? Only 11 weeks til christmas!
So, I've just finished my first full week in the norwegian workplace (unpaid,of course!) and I had a fantastic week! I was scared witless on Monday and could barely breathe as I walked into the barnehage that morning but I really had no need to be so afraid as I was welcomed with open arms! I have learned so much norwegian this week and got over my fear of talking to kids. All the staff have been so kind to me,answering all my questions, joking about the many mistakes I make and just helping me in general. I got lucky with this barnehage! They even offered me a vikar (temp,stand in) position for January. It's only 5 weeks but it's a start (and will be my first paid job in Norway!)
Next week I'll work with the older kids (5-6) which I'm also pretty scared about as they ask so many questions. I will cope though!
p.s Like most of Europe we are having amazing weather at the moment. Thick fog in the morning followed by warm,sunny days. Lovely.
Enjoy the weekend folks!