Monday, 10 June 2013


Summer is in full force and we are making the most of the cottage at every opportunity. Summer in Norway is fab. Life slows down, (and in July the country closes down!) the nights are super light (and I often go to bed with daylight outside which is still weird to me) norwegian strawberries are eaten (best strawberries ever) and best of all we swim. A lot, at every opportunity. There is something about a long cold winter that makes you desperate for summer and makes you terrified about missing a single minute of it!
p.s Pic of Henrik was taken at 11.40pm as he beavered away til midnight with cottage jobs (another downfall to the long winter is that you spend a huge chunk of summer fixing things that the winter fucked up!)


  1. I can relate, it´s the same here in Sweden! :-)

  2. Same here. Sky is still light at 1am, then up completely at 3ish. Thank god for blackout blinds. Also I can attest- Norwegian strawbs are the SHIT. They put Finnish ones to shame. Though, to be fair, I had some Belgian ones last night that put the Finnish ones to shame. EYE DART. Sorry, Finland. BWA.

    Also love the mildly-serial killer Henrik outfit. All that's missing is a hockey mask instead of safety gogs.

  3. I always love getting your thought about small and big things about living in Norway :-)

    Your cottage looks amazing!