Thursday, 23 February 2012

Around here lately

I only worked half a day today (it's winter holiday here so not many children at the barnehage) so I found myself home at 12 (back in the pj's) and baking a very thrown together banana/chocolate/walnut/raisin cake which I've eaten 2 slices of already-ooops!

 It's been +8c today and the snow is melting,dripping and groaning as it falls off the roof but sadly its been -5c at night turning my world into a scary ice-rink again.


  1. mmmmm. i just made banana and chocolate muffins, but i ate them before i thought of taking a photo! i have iitala mugs too. :)

  2. Norlight- im a sucker for any iittala products! Love everything!

  3. us too!!! we have plates and bowls and mugs... it's dangerous living so close to the iitala outlet at nordby!