Monday, 21 October 2013

Portgual & news

Oi Oi Oi, it's been quite some time since I checked in here. Blame Instagram. I'm much much active there than here. Must make more effort to blog!
We just got back from the most relaxing trip to Portugal which was wonderful. So nice to go back to summer just as winter is arriving in Oslo. As usual I'm not ready for the loooooooong norwegian winter-even after 3 years here I'm still not a fan of the frosty season :)
What else? Oh, yea! We bought a house!!! We will get the keys on November 1st and begin moving slowly throughout November and hopefully be settled in for our first christmas in our new home :)
We are super excited! Unfortunately we have 3 months notice on our flat to see out so the rest of the year is gonna be pretty tight paying rent and a mortgage! yikes :)


  1. Congratulations on buying a house. I hope you will both be very happy there. Looking forward to seeing the photographs, and how it will be beautifully decked out. xx

  2. Great to see you are back, have missed reading your blog posts and the photos of Portugal are great! Congratulations on buying your home and I also look forward to seeing some great photos of it.

  3. I've been enjoying your Portugal trip via Instagram, that beach looked a good spot!

    1. Oh, it was! Every beach was fantastic, we were so impressed with beautiful Portugal :)