Sunday 1 September 2013

Hello September

Today it really felt as though someone just switched autumn on. We had extra blankets on the bed at the cabin last night, candles were lit as the evenings begin to draw in. Leaves are slowly turning brown and crispy and I wore socks today for the first time in ages. I'm sad to say goodbye to summer.
The idea of the long, dark winter fills me with dread. Going to and from work in the dark, the heavy footwear,the bloody big thick as a duvet coat, crappy fruit and veg in the shops and 3-4 months of snow and ice. Ugh, dreading it
We had our last swim of the summer in the fjord this weekend (I'm presuming it's our last as we won't be going to the cabin for 2 weeks now and I've never had a swim so late into September but who knows? This summer has been full of surprising warm weather)


  1. Love these images, looks so cosy! :-)

  2. i know, this summer has been so amazing i can't imagine that winter will be here soon. having the summer we just had has at least given me faith that our climate hasn't changed forever and we can still get sun in july and august, when we're meant to!