Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A shopping frenzy

One of the highlights of our time in England was a 45 minute mad dash around Waitrose. I stocked up on some essentials and many treats (which are now hidden so we don't eat them all at once)
My mum thought it was hilarious how excited I became but if she lived in Norway and was forced to shop in awful supermarkets with a terrible selection she would totally understand my skipping down the aisles like a kid in a sweet shop! I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I HATE norwegian supermarkets more than you can possibly imagine and feel really depressed that my next visit to Waitrose is possibly months away......
(last pic of some lovely British sausages smuggled in my suitcase yesterday. They were delish)


  1. I have love to go to supermarkets when I visit Scotland it is great fun, although in Zurich the supermarkets are quite alright!

  2. Whenever I´m abroad, I love to stroll through foreign supermarkets. Waitrose was fun; haven´t been to Norway yet, though.

    Recently I found Clipper tea in my supermarket around the corner and I simply love their Earl Grey!

  3. My Swedish friend was also telling me about the god shooing in Norway. (god shooing! I wrote food shopping but god shooing is funnier!) Anyway, why is it so bad? I love your haul, especially your collection of deodorant! Don't they sell it over there?! X

  4. Francesca- Ha ha god shooing!
    Hmmm, food shopping in Norway- I have no idea why it is so bad! Norwegians seems very loyal to norwegian brands and very stuck in their ways (they eat hot dogs and waffles for every single occasion) Maybe its because they are not part of the EU. Maybe because everything here is run by monopolies not allowing any competition for norwegian brands. I have no idea but the supermarkets here are so,so grim.
    Re: deodorant! Its really expensive-almost £4 so I refuse to buy it and just stock up whenever we leave the country (cant beat 2 for £2 at good old Boots!)

  5. I know what you mean about Waitrose. We have to ration visits as it is far too easy to get carried away with all the lovely packaging and treats. It looks like a great selection you have there!

  6. Francesca and Lisa- this is a topic I've thought about about every day for the past 4 years. it has largely to do with not being in the EU. Because of Norway's independence from the EU, the government feels a large obligation to subsidize Norwegian farmers, and support the Norwegian meat, poultry, and dairy monopolies, meaning that there is little to no importation of cheese, yogurt, butter, cured meats, jams, etc...As a result, I quietly whimper every time I go grocery shopping and feel sorry for myself and a subtle dislike for all hot dog and Toro eating Norwegians.

    Lisa- Deodorant! Just what I thought we couldn't be more weirdly alike...

  7. I'd kill for a cup of tea and a milk chocolate tea cake or two and why not go crazy and add at least two dozen Cadbury mini eggs :-)
    Faroese people love "their" Cadbury! (it all started when England made a pre-emptive (but friendly) invasion and occupation of the Faroes to prevent a German invasion during World War II)
    Come to think of it Typoo Tea is The Faroe Islands national tea brand :-)