Monday, 30 April 2012

Goodbye April

I'm off work today (planning day, although I don't have anything to plan, therefore it's a day off!) Tomorrow is also off for May day so we will head to the cottage this evening after Henrik finishes work.
I will visit the dentist today for the first time since moving to Norway (oops) so I'm hoping I'm not in too much trouble...
The sun made a welcome return to Oslo for the whole weekend but now it's back to pissing rain. Is summer ever going to arrive?
(and yes, that is another enamel kettle found at a fleamarket. I think I'm addicted to them....)


  1. I had my first Norwegian dentist appt. in February. It was incredibly short and felt, well, a bit incomplete. Not at all the thorough cleaning and examination that I'm accustomed to in the US. Curious what your impression is. . .

  2. Hi Emily- My dentist appt went really well! Very similar to a british one!(Although my dentist is British, which is wh I picked her!) I had 3 x-rays, a check up and a clean and polish. I have been to the dentist when I lived in Wash.DC and that was a much longer affair so I can understand you feeling a little cheated by the norwegian appt! All in all it was just the same as I'm used to in England!