Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Around here lately

Seems to be a yellow overload in our home right now. Totally unintentional, but I am feeling very springy so maybe that's why (although as I type its -4c outside)
I could not be happier that we are escaping Norway for the Easter holiday. Tomorrow morning Norway will close for 4 whole days. People are food shopping like it's the end of the world, getting ready to head off to their mountain cabins to hopefully have a last hurrah on the ski slopes, read some crime novels and eat kvikk lunsj (norwegian kitkat) and oranges. A huge majority of Norway does this. YAWN.
p.s That's our neighbour, Embla in the bottom pic. She was my first friend in Norway and she likes to watch me eat whilst foaming at the mouth. I practice my norwegian on her and she is the only one who does not pull me up on my mistakes....


  1. We love your living room but how do you keep it so tidy? We are terrible hoarders...tell us your secret! x

  2. Grace and Judy- its not always so tidy but we are both pretty good at picking up after ourselves and try to keep up With the piles of crap that keep appearing!