Sunday, 19 February 2012

Etsy spree

Since having a job again (and money!) I have been having a good old spend on Etsy which has been bloody lovely! I just have to be careful not to spend more than 200kr (about £20) each purchase because you get charged toll in Norway for anything over that amount (it's like being punished for not buying in Norway!)
Bird cushion cover here
Chevron cover here
Washi tape from here and here
"let the sun shine in" print from here. I also bought this from the same shop but have not framed it yet.
Alphabet stamp set from here.


  1. Wow, such lovely things! I really love those cushion covers and all those lovely rolls of washi tape - your going to have fun!

  2. So addictive all the lovely washi tapes! I've got a whole bunch of them and am always craving for more :)

  3. Pretty stuff! Love the pillow covered and wall art!
    The other day I brought a bag in asos for £35, and I had to pay 200kr for tax and handling to the post office! So annoying :(

  4. May- that is so annoying! It has also happened to me when we first moved here! Now I Mail Stuff to my mum in England and mails it to me (as a gift!) Toll problems solved!

  5. Oooo, i love that chevronpillow!!!