Friday, 22 October 2010


Today we visited my friend Jasminka and her hubby in Lillestrøm and had a lovely lunch with them. Jasminka and I used to be good friends in London but she moved back to Croatia a few years back and now,strangely enough we have both ended up in Oslo. Small world eh?
That gorgeous dog is Embla who belongs to our lovely neighbours and visits us several times a day (usually looking for something to eat) she likes to rest her head on the work top as I cook, hoping for a little taste of whatever I'm making! Im now just working out what Im going to cook for the next few days as my best friend will be here this time tomorrow. So excited!


  1. Very clever dog to know the perfect neighbour for good food and great hospitality. Super shot of it.

    The house looks lovely and very lived in. Can't believe you've made it home so quickly.

    Great that you have a friend in town. And enjoy your best friend's visit. xx

  2. I really look forward to your posts, your house is so lovely! Hope you have a lovely time with your friend.

  3. The kitchen is looking very cozy!