Sunday, 15 August 2010

This weekend

This weekend has been a bit manic as its our last weekend in London to get stuff done (as we will be away next weekend and the weekend after we start our long drive to Norway!) Trips to the dump, shopping for winter clothes (Norway is the most expensive country ever, in my opinion, so we are stocking up on stuff)dropping off stuff to the charity shop,visiting friends,eating a very unhealthy plate of egg and chips,patching up all the holes in the walls of our flat but also finding the time to eat at my favourite Lebanese restaurant Maroush.
I have been worrying so much about our move this week that I've now run out of things to worry about!


  1. oh, i'd love to visit the scandinavian kitchen! looks great. and i love the marimekko bowl, i've got a coffee cup of this nice design :)

  2. Lovely Marimekko bowl:)
    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog:)