Thursday, 30 August 2012

This week

It's been a crappy old week in the Kjellerød household this week. I've been ill since Saturday afternoon with a cold that kicked off my asthma (which is annoying as my asthma has been almost nonexistant since we moved to Norway) and left me unable to get out of bed for 2 days. I feel like being off sick is such a waste of time as there are so many things you could be doing with that time but your body just won't allow it :(
That's Embla waiting outside the bedroom window for a visit but in my sorry state I wasn't even in the mood for her.... I was in the mood to look through all our lovely new cookbooks and make lists of what I'd like to cook in order to tart up the boring food situation here in Norway!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday morning

When I'm not woken by my alarm my natural waking time is always 8.16am.
I could easily go back to sleep but I actually love those few hours that I have to myself whilst Henrik is still sleeping. He will sleep til 12 if I don't wake him. I make myself a latte, call my mum, faff around, read blogs,watch crap tv programmes that he hates but by 11.30 I've had enough and I drag him from bed.
This morning was dark and you can feel Autumn in the air. I'm not ready yet for another long, cold, dark nordic winter. arrrrrrrrrrrrgh!

Monday, 20 August 2012

A bit more Helsinki

I'm keen to get back to Helsinki as I really fell in love with this little city. It had such a nice feel and was lovely to just wander around. Everyone was super friendly and keen to speak english (in some shops they even wear name badges with little flags of the countries of the languages they speak)
We tried speaking norwegian as swedish is Finlands second language but I guess we were hard to understand so we switched to english.
The weather was hot whilst we were there and I became obsessed the the ice tea. It has a slightly different flavour to the ice tea I make at home so I asked in one cafe how they made it and it turns out they make it with roiboos tea and add some mint,honey and some sliced citron fruit. It was to die for and I've been making a batch every day since we came back. yum

Sunday, 12 August 2012


We had a lovely little bbq the other evening with our friends at Nesøya. The kayak was blown up and taken for a spin, much food was consumed,many mosquito bites were given (Henrik had 26!) and we all caught up on each others summer stories.
Autumn is just around the corner so it's important to make the most of these last summer evenings....

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I'm tired and grumpy and the laundry keeps on multiplying because the weather is so damp and it takes ages to dry.
When Henrik came home from work today I  told him I was in a rotten mood and I was going to keep out of his way.
I made a way too spicy cauliflower curry for dinner that I didn't enjoy and we watched Breaking Bad. Now I'm in one room on the computer and he is in the other watching the Olympics.
Going back to work after the summer is hard.
I'm so looking forward to the weekend.

Sunday, 5 August 2012



We have had one of those perfect weekends that I need to remember when I'm having a "why the fuck did we move to Norway?" moment.
We have relaxed at the cottage all weekend. We didn't disagree on anything, we swam in 21c water, we ate sushi and drank nice apple mojito stylie drinks, we slept late,the sun was warm and there was a perfect breeze. If there is one thing that Henrik and I are good at it's relaxing. We are relaxing champions. When the summer decides to visit Norway there is really nowhere I'd rather be.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Back to Denmark

One of my favourite things to do when in a new/different place is to go to the supermarket. I guess it's a bit sad but I just can't help myself. I love looking at different packaging and trying new things (I just love food in general) Poor old Henrik gets dragged round all kinds of strange places, but he gets to do his own things too. We compromise! One half of the day is spent doing what I like and the other half spent doing what he likes (this usually involves history/tanks/boats/castles and always an ice cream!) He never moans and happily trundles along with me (shame the same can't be said about me. I have been known to moan my way around various boats and castles!)
Have a great weekend folks, we are off to the cottage and keeping our fingers crossed for a bit of sun!