Monday, 20 August 2012

A bit more Helsinki

I'm keen to get back to Helsinki as I really fell in love with this little city. It had such a nice feel and was lovely to just wander around. Everyone was super friendly and keen to speak english (in some shops they even wear name badges with little flags of the countries of the languages they speak)
We tried speaking norwegian as swedish is Finlands second language but I guess we were hard to understand so we switched to english.
The weather was hot whilst we were there and I became obsessed the the ice tea. It has a slightly different flavour to the ice tea I make at home so I asked in one cafe how they made it and it turns out they make it with roiboos tea and add some mint,honey and some sliced citron fruit. It was to die for and I've been making a batch every day since we came back. yum

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  1. Beautiful pictures...I've always wanted to go to Helsinki and you've just made me more dertermined to go and see it for myself! :o)