Monday, 11 February 2013

We are house hunting at the moment which is taking up most of our time at the weekend (and depressing me slightly that we can't get exactly what we want in the right place!)
We have found lots of great houses in not so great locations and lots of great locations with not so great houses. We are willing to move further away from Oslo but not so far that Henrik can't travel in for work every day, and it can't be too high up as driving up hill in deep snow scares the shit out of me (I think I'd really benefit from a winter driving course as my technique is not really working for me at the moment!!) I'd also live to live somewhere where wolves have not been spotted in the area ;)


  1. Good luck with the house hunting.

    Love the photo of the trees with the house in the corner. The light and colours are beautiful. I wish I'd taken it! I can see it on an XMas card.


    1. Thanks Kaya! It's pure luck when a photo turns out well as I still have not learnt how to use my camera properly!! tut tut x

  2. Oooooof good luck! House hunting is tough business- especially when wolves and outrageous weather are a factor. Most people don't have to worry about those things! I hope you find the perfect place soon- so I can live vicariously through you decorating it. :)

  3. Remember the three rules in househunting: location location, location. You can change everything about a house, but never (or very little) about a location. If you love a house (or a place) it will become pretty, just for you, love does that.
    Wolves would be a no-go for me as well though. Have a wonderful day!!!