Monday, 18 February 2013

I just came home from work and inhaled a few cinnamon buns which my workmate Johanna made for me. We made a bet last time England and Sweden played football (back in June?) that the loser had to bake something from their country for the winner and Sweden lost so (better late than never) today I recieved a lovely bag of sugary,cinnamony Swedish goodness.Yum.
In other news,it's still snowing heavily here, we fell in love with a house at the weekend and a huge moose (at least 7ft) walked past our living room window and I almost shit myself at the sheer size of that beast :)


  1. Where was that Moose going? It always looks so serene in your world. We still have snow too, it's not snowing at the moment though.

    1. I followed its tracks and it walked through our garden and over the fence to the road! Sometimes you see them on the road licking the salt so maybe he was just visiting for a salt fix!

  2. Those buns look amazing! Love your images, everything looks beautiful, jx