Monday, 28 January 2013

Making it through the winter

I did not know what winter was til I moved to Norway. Thirty four winters in England and two in America could not have possibly prepared me for a long, harsh Nordic winter.
The first year I muddled through with a crap coat and even crappier shoes. I honestly though I could muddle through with my Converse and thick socks like I did every winter in London. ha ha ha hahaaaa!
I'm an expert now. I can do winter just like a nowegian. There is indeed no such thing as bad weather,only bad clothing. I no longer slip and slide on the ice as I wear spikes that I just slide over my super warm and cosy Duckfeet boots. I no longer need lots of layers as I splashed out on a warm coat (if I'm totally honest it's too warm and is hell when I'm going in and out of heated shops...)
I use nice stuff on my face thats not water based (this is the trick for your skin not turning into a chalky sore disaster) and I cope with the long,dark days by making our home as cosy as possible with shit-loads of candles.
That said, I've now had enough. We've had snow on the ground for 6 weeks now. Some of it piled 8 feet high which could possibly take until April to melt and then you have the horror of it all melting during the day and refreezing at night turning your world into a scary ice-rink. I can also no longer see out of our living room window without standing on a stool. If we are lucky it will be gone in 8 weeks and we can count down to Spring.....

p.s That little bird feeder on my window is no longer a bird feeder, it's now a mouse feeder! Bless


  1. Gosh! puts the recent weather here in the UK into perspective.
    Dee : )

    1. It really does! When I hear my mum moaning about 3cm of snow it's hard to sympathise! :)

  2. Mm, you made me curious about those Nuxe-products you're showing....(and my birthday is coming soon;) Like your blog also!

    1. You should treat yourself to some NUXE products! The dry oil is Uh-mazing!
      I'm pleased you like my blog :) Thanks for reading x

  3. Hmmm....
    Can you tell me which product do you use for your hand?
    I have big problems with hands at winter and now I stay without
    idea what to buy.
    I need some advice from expert.
    Thank's, Alenka

    1. Hi Alenka,
      I use so many different hand creams but the best for winter is Weleda Skin food and if my hands get really sore then I use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. You can get skin food from (they deliever free all over the world!)
      Hope this helps :)