Monday, 12 November 2012


We have experienced every possible type of weather this past week but the worst was a hail storm whilst I was at work which melted slightly,froze over only to be covered over in snow within the next few hours causing me to call Henrik to come and walk me home from work as I could not get up a slope as I'd forgotten to bring studs for my shoes! You forget during the summer just how hard winter can be here.
For the moment I'm enjoying the cosiness of winter, the candles,wrapping up warm, the amazing sunrises and sunsets. I'm learning to embrace it :)


  1. Ah that's so sweet that Henrik had to walk you home, I imagine I'd forget my studs on purpose after that - so I could be walked home everyday, so romantic!

  2. I love your pictures and it really does look so cozy! I think it's nice that you embrace it and find beauty in the dark. I hope that I will too when I move to Norway.

  3. Wow those tree silhouettes through your window are amazing. Have a cosy weekend xo

    1. I love those trees outside the window, such a different view to the one we had in london! Have a cosy weekend yourself!

  4. Studs on shoes? So sensible. Unlike Poland where women wear high heels at all weather (and winters are not light!).