Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The last of autumn

We said goodbye to autumn last week when a whole load of snow and freezing temps descended on us. I'm hoping snow this early means we are going to get an early spring and not that we are now going to have snow on the ground for 5 months (like my first winter here!)
By the way, is anyone else getting insane amounts of spam comments on their blogs recently? I had 21 of the damn things today! grrrrrr


  1. yes, suddenly have the same spam problem but I'm trying to ignore it and hope it goes away

  2. Beautiful pictures, Autumn can be so very pretty in the sunshine!

    ....and yes, i've been getting more blog spam than usual, but i think 21 in one day must be a record :o)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I miss Norway! We have had a slow and strange autumn here in the Midwestern US. It is supposed to be 70 Fahrenheit this weekend and Monday and Tuesday it is supposed to snow!

    1. I'd happily have some of that 70degree heat here!