Sunday, 25 November 2012

Missing the sun

Pictures taken last Sunday which was the last time the sun made an appearance around these parts.
November has been grim, rainy and very dark. I'm ready for snow now if this is all winter has to offer. Give me freezing temps and blue skies. At least snow makes everywhere look brighter :)
We also discovered Mathallen in Oslo which is a mini version (ish) of Borough Market in London and it certainly makes the grim food situation her in Norway a little bit brighter :)


  1. We haven't seen much of the sun here either recently, if it's any consolation. Which makes its brief appearances even more precious.

  2. You have NOOOO idea how much food I have been making this fall. Haha. Something has to brighten up my day when the sun refuse to.

  3. Those pies! Especially the chocolate one at the front, what was it exactly?

    1. Its chocolate and peanut! The base is kind of a pastry but with crushed peanuts :) the chocolate is like a really thick mousse! Yum