Friday, 13 July 2012

This week

I finish work for 2 weeks day after the easiest working week ever. Just 5 kids at the Barnehage, me and another co-worker whose level of norwegian is similar to mine. I was nervous about the language with no native norwegians around for language help but I have coped and my norwegian feels stronger than ever. I feel proud even when being pulled up by a 5 year old when I told him I was feeling dirty, even though I meant to say I was feeling tired!!  (Tired=sliten   Dirty=skitten)  Oi Oi Oi I'm still making stuuuuupid mistakes!
Have a great weekend folks!
P.s If anyone has any good Helsinki tips please send them my way! Thanks :)


  1. Lucky you, going to Helsinki!!
    Have a wonderful vacation!!!!!

    (that marimekko cup, I have it's so cute!)

  2. Hahahaha, still is better what i said in forn of group 13 years old boys... Instead of saying "knutte" (nodes) i said "knulle"... I have no balls even to translate it here ehehheh :))))
    Have a great time in Helsinki!
    Greets from Kr.sand!

    1. Ha ha! Yep, thats worse than what I said! Makes me feel better! Thanks x

  3. Just a quick one to say thanks for opening my eyes to the awesomeness that is red saltwater sandals! I'm in love.

    I love the photo of the boat and rock- it's so lovely (and reminds me of Helsinki, too). We've just gotten home and being back in smoggy, mucky Kentish Town seems a bit hard to grasp. Blergh!

    Have fun in Helsinki, and definitely go to the flea market at the harbor down the end of Bulvardi (the name is like 14 letters long and totally escapes me at the moment, ha), and stop at Café Ekberg for lovely ice tea if you're thirsty. Then there's Moko, which is just around the corner (you can see the sofas I am dreaming to own), and I also really liked the muffins at Ursula. Kiasma Museum of Modern Art is lovely (even just to sit in front of and people watch) and because it's World Design Capital 2012, there are pop-up shops everywhere! You can rent a famous Jopo bike from the pop-up Design Shop on Katajanokka for 1 euro for 3 hours- perfect way to get around- and they come in such cute colours. One thing to avoid though? Stuffing your face with the free salad and bread at Sea Horse before your MASSIVE main course shows up- you'll regret it! :)

    1. Red saltwaters are the best! Great colour and super comfy!
      Thanks for the Finland tips, will be sure to check out everything you mentioned ( I trust you that much!)
      I know just what you mean about getting back to London after clean Scandi air. I used to feel the same!

  4. How exciting about Helsinki! It's on my list. Happy holidays. x

  5. Thanks Francesca! I'm excited too!