Saturday, 14 July 2012

Here comes the sun

The sun made a much needed return to the Oslo area today which brightened our moods but what also returned was my stiff neck which resulted in me walking around like a robot for the day unable to turn to the left. This often happens to me just as I finish work for a holiday, it's like my body winds down but something says,"ha, you may be on holiday but we are now going to give you something to moan about!" Good job I smuggled a whole load of good british painkillers to Norway last week!


  1. Hi, took me a couple of days to find my guide book to tell you the names of the places we went in Helsinki in Feb this year. I really liked the Hakaniemi market hall. Gorgeous food downstairs and upstairs some really lovely stuff for the home plus some clothes. There are also a few stalls with some not so great stuff but it was worth a rummage! I also thought the huge department store Stockmann is worth a visit, especially the bookstore. We had a fantastic time and ate lots of fantastic food. Have a great time! x

  2. I think you have a great time. It looks so beautiful there!

  3. Okay - I should have read your words first. I hope that you'll feel better soon!