Monday, 23 July 2012



We just got back from 6 great days in Denmark staying in a very rustic (maybe a little too rustic for my taste!) farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. We drove over 1500km all over Denmark, eating our way around the country, lounging on white sandy beaches (when weather allowed) chatting to friendly Danes (and being amazed that I could hold a norwegian conversation and be understood, and kind of understand them too!) seeing the sights, shopping and taking advantage of the saying "It's good to be a norwegian in Denmark!"
Off to Helsinki tomorrow so just attacking a giant pile of laundry!
p.s The cheeky looking Lab is Junior who loved Henrik (and Henrik loved him back)
We borrowed him often for long evening walks and swims in the fjord.


  1. I never thought to go to Denmark on holiday but it looks so lovely! Cute dog!

  2. LOL

    My Danish husband can't understand a prick of Norwegian, when he was in Norway visiting me while I lived there for a year, I was his interpreter.