Sunday, 8 July 2012

Our weekend

What a lazy weekend we have had.
Eating, snoozing, watching films, swimming, reading.
My only complaint about the cottage is the bugs. They are everywhere. I shake the bed covers before we get in, check under the pillows, hoover up all the dead bugs when we arrive and slap giant ants that crawl on us in the middle of the night. Some nights I drive Henrik nuts switching the light on and off looking for something I thought I felt... ugh....
Friday night we discovered we have a wasps nest inside the roof which had me almost back in the car heading back in the direction of Oslo. This city girl is learning to love the countryside!


  1. That little rack with the tins is REALLY nice. I also wish I had some of those Saltwater sandals but my size is sold out in the UK. :( plus it is too wet to wear them!

    1. You should try
      They have lots available and the shipping is not to expensive! Plus they are waterproof so you can still wear them in this crappy weather!