Friday, 6 July 2012


Just got back from a very relaxing break in NW England (Liverpool,Lancashire (where I grew up) and Chester) We've eaten purely Waitrose and M&S food and stocked up our wardrobes.
It wasn't really a planned trip as my mum was supposed to be coming here to Norway but after flying here at christmas she was struck down (literally) with positional vertigo which has turned her life upside down for the last 6 months so we thought we would visit her instead. I love going home.
So good just to speak english and hear please,thank you and sorry being totally overused. Love it!


  1. Parkgate! Love that ice cream. Have been enjoying your blog, I lived in Finland for a while so I see similarities sometimes. A lovely lady I worked with in Finland once apologised out of the blue to me for not saying please often enough (Finns don't have a word for please, do Norwegians?) - it didn't matter at all because when she asked me to do something her whole manner gave off a 'please' vibe, but it is funny to hear it so much when you come back home!

    1. Well spotted Sian, that is Parkgate! Such great ice cream!
      Yes, Norwegians do have a work for please but you rarely hear it!
      I work with a Finnish lady too and she told me they dont have words for "he" and "she" in Finland. Wierd!
      It is lovely to hear it when you could home but it then makes me angry when I come back to Norway and dont hear it enough!