Thursday, 28 June 2012

This week

Off to England tomorrow for 5 days to see my mum and get a much needed english language injection! (and fish n chips, marks and spencer, muji,Gap,paperchase,rain & good sausages)
My mother tongue is shot to shit. My sentences are a bizarre mixture of english/norwegian/swedish (I work with a swede and watch a lot of Swedish TV so it's sneaking in there...) I will start speaking in one language and finish in another and I'm forgetting english words by the bucketfull. It's quite scary.
Schools out here for summer and I have 7 more days at work. Norway is about to close down for July.


  1. It's called Nisse-Engelsk. It gets the best of us. Especially with a toddler in the house who says things like, "Eg vil ikkje talk to mormor" and "mamma! Se! Butterfly der!". That shot of the feet is hilarious. Have fun in the mother country! I only have 6 weeks to go before I take off for mine.

    1. yep, that sounds just like me (minus the ny norsk of course!)
      Henriks feet stick out everywhere! At the cottage he has to bend as he goes through every door!