Monday, 26 March 2012

Cabin weekend

We opened our cabin up for spring at the weekend and it was so lovely to be back there. We scrubbed the place, painted, put up shelves,blinds and generally gave the place some much needed TLC after the long winter.
It was the most amazing summery weekend, perfect blue skies,warm temps with only a few stubborn piles of snow/ice hanging around. It felt as though all was needed was a dip in the fjord.
I keep being told by norwegians that because spring is so early it means that winter will come early which is something I do not want to hear!
Hope you all had sunny weekends!


  1. It was a glorious weekend!
    Love the pretty details from your cabin :)

  2. Wow, that view! Looks gorgeous!

  3. Wow! was my reaction too, what a beautiful, peaceful place and your photos are also brilliant. It's so great when the spring finally arrives after the long, nordic winter!

  4. Emily- yep! Hard to believe huh? It was so warm! 17c!

  5. ahh, those norwegians - glass always half full eh! enjoy the early spring and don't worry about the winter for a lonnnng time. your cabin - it's like a dream. lucky girl. x

  6. Oh we are sooo in love with your cabin! I think the spring is making us all want to nest and play house. Your cabin feels so airy and calm in your photographs. x