Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Moving forward

I now have a personal number (a real one, not a temp one) therefore I exist.
I now have a doctor (this is a nice feeling)
I no longer feel rage when norwegians do not make eye contact/give a little wave when I stop at a zebra crossing (instead I think to myself, "Sånn er det")
I no longer expect to have a door held open for me (although Henrik always does hold it for me)
I no longer convert everything I buy from kroners to pounds.
I now only speak to dogs and children in norwegian (never english, it just feels so wrong!)


  1. Wow. . . and that all only took 20 months!


  2. Emily- Insane huh? This country likes to take its own sweet time :)

  3. sounds good lisa. i'm happy you've resolved some of those those awkward things. you look like a snow queen in that picture :-)

  4. Hello We are trying to get in contact with you because we listed your blog in our interesting blog section of our new magazine Our Amazing Norway! Please get in touch with me I would like to mail you a physical copy.

  5. Siri- Yes, so it would seem! Shocking eh? Where have you been anyway? I miss your blog!