Saturday, 31 March 2012

On this day

We attempted a day at the cabin but as soon as my toes started turning blue we decided to head home after a bit of DIY and a trip for ice cream (just what you need when you are freezing, no?)
We picked up fresh prawns on the way home and stuffed ourselves silly. We may go and see a film later or we may slob out on the sofa. We'll see. (I'm hoping for sofa!)


  1. We've had a cold reminder that it's not *quite* spring yet this weekend as well--flurries and blustery up here in Lillehammer. Stay warm!

  2. Emily- yep, us too! We had a BBQ with some friends at the cabin yesterday when it started snowing for about 3 minutes! Also this morning it is -3c!

  3. Oh wow. I love this landscape so much.