Monday, 2 April 2012

Hello April

I'm off work this week and I'm having that lovely Monday feeling of knowing I'm as free as a bird for 8 whole days. Ahhhhh, heaven.
I love my job but talking and hearing norwegian all day is exhausting (Although if I'm totally honest I do speak a fair bit of English at work which I must stop doing!)
We are off to England later this week for Easter and I have shopped online like a demon for the past week sending all my packages to my mums place (to avoid that pesky norwegian toll) so I look forward to meeting all my new clothes (erm, and shoes, essie nail varnish,books, cd's and the many other things I've ordered!)


  1. Love the yellows :) And yay to new things too :)

  2. conversation pieces- I'm loving the yellow too although all the yellow is quite accidental as Norway goes yellow crazy at easter and I try to avoid it but there seems to be a lot of yellow in my home right now!

  3. Love the flowers!

    I too am enjoying the heaven of some time off week! Enjoy the trip to England- unfortunately you've just missed out on a week of warm sunshine! It's cold again now!

  4. Ah, for noen nydelige puter!!!! Og den gule lampa er så fin! Påskegul og fin ;)

    Ha en deilig påske :)