Thursday, 7 July 2011


I've had many requests to come back to England for a few weeks during my summer holiday from school but I ain't budging! I survived a 6 month winter from hell to get to this fantastic norwegian summer and I'm not leaving it!
p.s Norwegian strawberries are the best in the world!


  1. I love the Norwegian summer! I don't get why the locals go to the 'syden' where it is super hot and humid (yuk! yuk!), when you can get such perfect weather here.

    Did you try to small wild/alpine strawberries? Even better than normal strawberries.

  2. Hi May- Yes, We tried wild strawberries as we found them all over our storage roof! (see latest blog post!) I dont understand why all norwegians head south for the summer either! It's lovely here in summer!

  3. Oh my! the first picture with the waterfall streaming in between the town is gorgeous!!! what is this place?!