Monday, 4 July 2011

The weekend

We are slowly making (budget) changes in the cabin. Feels like home there now and we love driving there every Friday night for the weekend. First proper swim at the weekend and a log fire to warm up afterwards.
Norway is now closed for July. Many people take a months holiday (or are forced to) as companies close for the summer. If you want anything doing here in July you need to be prepared to wait til August!


  1. Your hytta looks so inviting and koselig!
    Is it close to Oslo?

  2. May- thanks! It's 22km south of Oslo on the fjord so only a half hour drive from us. The perfect commute!

  3. Perfect indeed!
    We have one my guy inherited, its next to Nesbyen, and we dont drive, so we nearly never go there. Which is a shame.
    I love the cabin-culture here in Norway :)

  4. May- You must learn to drive just so you can go to your cabin!

  5. may, i agree! otherwise i'm going to use your cabin! v gorgeous lisa, i'd like to swap life with you for just one day. do you ever feel like looking after 2 noisy boys?

    saw your comment on seventy tree. did i know you used to live in hampstead? i grew up around there, know the heath v well. always v envious of people who lived in any of the blocks overlooking the heath! x