Monday, 25 April 2011

Mini road trip

Today we took a little coastal road trip, stopping off at lots of little places until we reached Larvik, turned around and visited other places on the way home. I'm now worn out from all the sea air and have curly hair (also from the sea air!)
I'm back to school tomorrow and looking forward to seeing my friends and learning more Norwegian (after a week of speaking very little of it!)


  1. wow - it's hard to believe you had loads of snow not so long ago!! good luck getting back into school again...don't know about you, but it feels like the easter holiday has lasted forever...i'm not complaining tho, it's been a great one! xx

  2. How nice....I think your hair looks lovely like that...oh and about your sandals...i saw them at GAP over here...but for some reason they don't sell them in black :p

  3. Hi Maya- I don't think they sell those Gap sandals in black- mine are khaki but I'd love black ones!

    Hi Caroline- I know, it seems mad that one month ago we had over a foot of snow in the garden. We went for a bike ride this eve and we found some piles of snow still even though its been 21c at the weekend!