Thursday, 28 April 2011

Spring days

Spring arriving has totally changed my feelings for Norway. I'm loving it!
Hard to believe that just 1 month ago we had over 2 feet of snow in the garden as we now have daily temps of 20c+
We have been making the most of the weather and using our bikes a lot more, exploring our amazing neighbourhood. That sunset view is just 5 minutes ride on the bike from our house. Beautiiiiiiiiiful!


  1. So glad the good weather has come. I think the wedding day won't be very sunny over here...

  2. I'm sooooo happy for you !

    Even at this end, everyone's spirits are soo uplifted.....just walking on the street ( here in nyc) everyone seems to have a spring ( no pun intended) in their steps.


  3. Glad to see you enjoy being here! After a Norwegian winter I think one appreciates spring (and summer) just that little bit extra :-)

  4. Oh isn't spring wonderful after the long winter! I've started biking this spring, I bought my first bike in fifteen years. I had forgotten how fun it is!

  5. Janne + Katja- I have never enjoyed spring as much as I am this year! The winter was long and harsh for me, you girls have more practise with harsh winters! Enjoy spring (and your bike Katja!)