Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

We have been at my in-laws for the weekend, enjoying the 20+ temps, the view, speaking lots of norsk and unfortunately deviating from our health kick! Ooops
Our little yellow summer cabin is being renovated and I'm itching to get inside and start sorting it out as I'm sure this is where we will spend every weekend once summer arrives.
Happy Easter everyone! (yes, Im wishing you happy easter today because in my world today is Easter although they seem to have been celebrating here in Norway for an entire week...)


  1. happy easter to you too. the weather is gorgeous here in aust...i indulged in way too much cheese, wine & chocolate! we have 1 more day of holidays & i am not stopping the indulgences until wednesday! huh. dayle

  2. Your OWN little yellow cabin?! That Påske frokost spread looked great. And again you make me envious.

  3. I echo siri....Your OWN yellow cabin ! 'sigh' ... incredible !

    & such a stunning location too, will surely make for some gorgeous pics throughout the summer...