Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Norsk mat

Norwegians like to eat food from tubes, this is just a small selection (and the stuff I like)
I think in England the only thing I used to put in my mouth from a tube was toothpaste!


  1. haha, good one!
    thanks for the comment on my blog - yes you're right about the british vibe. :)
    my man is from chester. i'm norwegian.
    i see you have it the other way around?
    is t your first year in norway? looking forward to spring yet? ;)


  2. Hei Maria, yes we are the other way round! Im actually from Lancashire so I'm very close to Chester!! Small world! Yes, it's my first year in Norway and I CANNOT wait for Spring. The winter was a BIG shock for me (and Henrik after spending 10 years in London!)

  3. Ha ha! I can tolerate the tomato puree and even the mayonnaise in tube form, but once they start putting fish eggs in a tube, I draw the line. Have you been a good little integrator and started putting it on your morning brødskive yet?

  4. Hei Siri, I really like the caviar in a tube, although I prefer it on a wasa with philadelphia cheese and cucumber also! (oh god, written down that sounds disgusting!)

  5. Just found your blog and love what you've done so far!

    I must say I love the mackerel in a tube myself-very convenient and handy, especially at work and on trips in the mountains.

    Read more about my food adventures in Norway at Thanks For The Food.

  6. all those tubes look so lovely and colourful! but i'm with Siri on the fish eggs in a tube!!!! - they remind me of when i was little making snazzy tops on rivita biscuits with primula cheese!!!!