Monday, 7 March 2011

I dag

A random selection of pictures this evening! My camera is misbehaving and no longer wants to zoom in so I've had to rely on the i phone for my picture taking recently.
I'm so sick of snow now although the snow on these pics does look beautiful, but in reality the snow is now grey and horrid and turning to ice. I have never wanted spring to arrive so badly.
It looks as though I'll be taking Norsk prøve 2 at the end of May but I'm not sure I'm ready yet (I need to knuckle down and study hard if Im going to pass!)
Oatmeal cookie recipe here


  1. lovely snowy pics - i can't imagine you taking pics with no snow, because i think ever since i began following your blog your days have always been snow-filled! - did you make those biscuits?? they look very yummy - if they taste as good as they look, fancy sharing the recipe?!?!? xx

  2. There are murmurings of more snow in the UK this weekend. It feels so spring like at the moment though so fingers crossed we will all get some warmer weather very soon. x