Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Mye snø

So, last week I mentioned I was noticing signs of spring, well, scrap that. Winter is back! My first words when I woke this morning and opened the blinds were, "Oh, for fuck's sake" when I saw that over 6 inches of snow had been dumped on us last nigh.Enough! If I had the money I'd be buggering off to Thailand for a month,only to return when Spring is finally here!


  1. i can't imagine having that much snow for sooooo long - but i guess it all gets a bit much after a while! - and there must be a limit to how many 'home days' and hot chocolate you can have?!?!? XX

  2. Hi Caroline- Thankfully in Norway snow days do not equal home days. Life goes on as usual, transport keeps going, schools stay open, they have to I suppose, winter is so long! But I have really had enough!

  3. If misery loves company as they say, I'm in this with you. However, I'm way over here in Wisconsin, USA, watching our latest 6-8 inches coming down now. The snow piles from shoveling are too high for me to lift the shovel...where to put this stuff??
    Oh well. I do love this so much more than heat and humidity. I think.
    Have I mentioned how much I enjoy reading your Blog? You keep me entertained...while the snow just keeps coming.