Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Henrik is home from Stockholm bringing me a book that I've been after for a while. It's so nice to have him home again, it felt so strange to be alone in Norway!
Norwegian classes are going well. Been having some very funny conversations with my classmates about what we ate for breakfast(including a conversation about nuts (nøtter in Norwegian) with a russian guy, he didnt know what the word meant so I mimed a squirrel eating nuts which lead him to think our teacher had eaten a squirrel for breakfast!) We have many moments like these but for me non English speakers are perfect to talk to cause I'm then forced to speak norwegian. I sleep well on these days as Im worn out!
It is -13c this morning which feels like a bit of a shock after yesterday being 1c! Come on Spring!


  1. I have almost bought that book so many times.. i think I should finally get it!
    Today it is -13 here in Helsinki too (yesterday was around 0), but at least the sun is shining after being away for a long time! I've had more than enough of winter already!

  2. Haha, eaten a squirrel...what fun a language class can be...sometimes :-)

  3. tell me about the book ,any good
    Iloveyour green apple

  4. Kaylovesvintage- yes, the book is very good, full of nice ideas for me to copy!

  5. I ordered the book too.
    Can't wait to receive it!

  6. roll on Spring! so right. London is GREY and there is a lot of drizzle. Even though you have got some serious cold I am spotting sunshine, how I miss a bit of sunshine, seems like it has been ages since we have seen it!

  7. so funny. i can just imagine the squirrel story! i wanted that book so much but the shipping was sooo expensive to the UK. not fair! i love your tablecloth, all your ikea goodies and those frosty tree pictures are stunning. it's freezing here today. i cannot imagine it being -13. brrrr!