Monday, 24 January 2011


Henrik has been in Stockholm for the last three days for his job and it's the first time we have been apart since getting married and I hate it! The only thing I was looking forward to was having the bed to myself but all that space meant that I slept in a very strange position and have done something very painful to my back!


  1. i love your pictures!!

  2. I love that Ikea fabric, in fact I tried to buy some of it a while back but I couldn't find a shop assistant to weigh and price it. I was going to make a tablecloth out of it too. My husband is working Mon-Fri in Switzerland for the next few weeks so I am home alone with the kids - lots quick easy dinners and quiet evenings. Good luck with your classes this week.

  3. uh ha i bought that fabric from ikea in brisbane aust...i was told i was the first to buy it when it arrived....i am yet to make it into cushions.....i love your plates with leaves on them!