Thursday, 27 January 2011

I have been a day behind all week. I woke up thinking it was Wednesday and was thrilled to be told it is in fact Thursday which means no norwegian classes and I made a deal with myself that I'm not going to speak a single word of norwegian today. Im going to talk only english, watch english tv, eat english food. I spoke to all the shop assistants in english this morning and tonight when we go to the cinema I shall see an english film!
I don't want to deal with verbs, bestemt,ubestemt,flertall,entall,ø,å or æ. I want it all to just go away until I'm back at school tomorrow!
p.s It is stupidly cold here today, but the sun is shining.


  1. Im not sure I could cope with temps of minus 17! Brrrrr! At least its sunny there! Hope you enjoyed your norwegian fee day!

  2. it's 1º here and we think it's really cold! its funny how lots of the little things in your house are the same as the little things in my house!

  3. Good for you! We all need these only English days! :-)
    Next time we (expat bloggers) meet up in Oslo.. you should come along. it really is a fab group!

  4. Great blog! I have family in Norway so it is lovely to be reminded of it. love all your ceramics too. Lots to add to my wish list! Tusen Takk.