Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Norwegian classes are getting harder and tiring, they are also great fun and I have made some really nice friends (some who speak English but some who don't) and with the ones who don't I have hilarious conversations with in the little Norwegian we can speak coupled with hand gestures and strange noises. There is one Croatian women I really like but she speaks no English so we try really hard to converse in Norwegian but I can't yet say everything I want to say and it's very frustrating but also very amusing. I feel like a child again.
Last nights dinner was a simple affair as I had not been food shopping, but I did manage to throw together a delicious meal of pasta,chopped broccoli mixed with lots of Pecorino cheese, butter and black pepper.
I am also officially sick of snow. Go away now.


  1. Three things:
    1. It must be great learning a new language like that. You make me want to go to school and learn new stuff again!

    2. I do understand that you're sick of snow. Though, it really looks very idyllic on that pic with Henrik walking in the snow. Here in CPH the only snow that is left by now is all grey and black - not very idyllic!

    3. That carpet with the black and white triangles is lovely - where did you buy it?

  2. Hi Katrine
    Yes, learning a new language will be great once I can speak it, but for now I'm not a natural learner and I find it hard to retain information!
    The snow on our driveway is beautiful but come to the end of the driveway and its all grey and slushy, just like in CPH!
    The carpet is from Ikea a long time ago and they no longer sell it. Ours is pretty dirty and I plan on replacing it with another one from Ikea called ALVINE RAND which is also nice!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    It is a very good idea to speak with other people who do not speak Norwegian. You have to force yourself a lot then. You must only accept that Norwegian is not logical. In this sentence it is so, but not in the next? Why? Cannot explain it - it only is so and accept it! I prefer to learn other languages - always a lot of rules! I am "sniffing" on Japanese and Russian. Nice because they are so different. There are a lot of FREE language courses online - surely also Norwegian courses. That would be a good help. I myself found some very good in Dutch, Japanese, and Russian, and I know you can find almost all languages there.

  4. Hi Janecke. Thanks for the advice. For now Im not going to deviate from my course but once Im no longer at school I shall check out the online courses. I feel that things are starting to make a bit more sense now!

  5. do you rmember the comedy in England from a few years ago called ''mind your language''? I imagine your class to be like that.... a lot of laughter at the lack of a common language yet unintentional comedy moments...

  6. This brings back so many vivid memories! It's been more than 12 years since I was taking a similar class. I'm excitedly following your progress (and cheering for you)!

  7. Karen- You are quite right! It is just like "mind your language" In fact I was watching episodes on that on you tube last week and laughing my head off at the similarities!
    Angela- Thank you for the cheering!