Monday, 17 January 2011


Hey, Norwegians! You know that thing that sticks out from the side of your steering wheel?
Well, it's called an indicator and it helps people see which direction you plan to go in and you need to use it! What you don't need to do is drive so close behind me so that I can see up your nostrils. If you try to push me to drive faster I will slow down to about 10mph just to annoy you. I'm awkward like that. Do you need to stare quite so much cause I'm driving a British car? It's just the same as your car, it just has the wheel on the opposite side to you. No big deal.
When driving in Norway the motto seems to be " You look after yourself, I'll look after myself and hopefully everything will be ok" Do you ever let anyone pull out in front of you? Give a little wave to let someone else go? Slow down to let anyone in? No, because you all just think of yourselves, and it stinks!


  1. So funny when you rant about Norway! Love it! I think it's hard when you are used to driving in London because for a huge city the drivers are actually very polite and share the road together well! (and are considerate!)

  2. He he, your little rants do make me chuckle! Must be bloomin' frustrating though. I didn't imagine Norwegians to be that way (I'm sure they're not all like it)?? Or maybe they are! Thanks for your London advice too by the way. We haven't ruled out the North, it just seems to be more expensive to rent in (the nicer bits anyway). x

  3. Thanks Kerry! No, not all Norwegians are like that (just the ones I seem to run into!) I have noticed that Norwegians that have lived outside Norway for a few years are a lot better about accepting things that are different and of course Henrik is now almost British after 10 years in London and even he is shocked at the way his people behave!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    You are right, the Norwegians living outside Norway, are different. We behave diffrently, and we do see very well all these faults you also see. I never liked to live in Norway, and I left as soon as I could! By the way, Norwegian verbs are easier than even English verbs- but I am afraid the rest is worse...
    Just met an English woman the other day who was married to a Norwegian - her Norwegian was perfect!! So there is absolutely hope for you as well!

  5. Hei Janecke,
    Rudeness aside I am loving living in Norway and I'm sure I will get used to it (but I will always keep my British manners and sense of fun!)