Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Ikea love

I love Ikea. I love going to Ikea. Long live Ikea!
(Sofa, blankets,glasses,tea towel hanger,rug,bowls,cabinet all from Ikea)


  1. Oooh, I'm with you on that crush! Oddly, nothing quite soothes me like a trip to IKEA:O) And by the by, that black and white "striped" blanket (by some Japanese designer I think?), I got it too and I love it so much I simply MUST go get a another in case something happens to the on I have.

  2. I totally agree! A visit to Ikea in Bergen on a Tuesday morning is quite relaxing, as there are hardly anyone there. My husband can't think of anything worse, but that's because he's still got nightmares about queueing up on the Purley Way on the way to Ikea Croydon on a Sunday morning...
    Good luck with your Norwegian course btw, you'll get there in the end (my husband did ;-))
    Love, Solvi

  3. ååå du har mye fint hjemme hos deg:)
    ikea er heaven! :) er det noen bra engelske designere du ville anbefalt? kan du skrive ett innlegg om det kanskje med link til deres online shop?:)

  4. Hei Oda! Tusen takk! I'm afraid I'm not really up to date on British designers as I'm much more into Scandinavian design! If I think of anything I will let you know!

    Sarah-It really is a great blanket- a design classic, me thinks! Yours looks lovely on your bed!

    Solvi- Nice to hear that your husband succeeded! There is hope for me!

  5. I see Ikea in Norway has different goodies , last year Ikea in the Uk had some wonderful fabric( vintage 50s look) but they where not selling it here..

  6. Yeah me too! If I'm there I would like to buy so many things wich I don't need, just for fun :)
    Like your blog!